Things to get upset about…

You know the saying “don’t sweat the small things”? Well that is me in a nutshell. I freak out when I can’t open the jar, find my cell phone, or get the tiniest bit lost. I also tend to get angry at my husband for the small things as well. He checked his email before making me a sandwich. He bought the wrong kind of cheese at the grocery store. Now these things are disasters in the world of Elena. They totally deserve the melt down, and the frustrated world thrown over my shoulder as I walk out of the room. But the big things, now the really big things, they seem to not bother me at all. My husband spilled juice on his phone and it will cost us 90 dollars to replace it, no big deal.Getting in a car accident on a highway with my parent’s car. No problem. He is fine, I am fine, the car is drivable. Getting stranded in the Paris airport during a snowstorm.  Okay, we will deal with things one step at a time. Many of the things that should upset me or get me going are nothing. Not that those last ones deserve anger, but I was totally relaxed. Jakub was all shock up and nervous and I was calm. Not a harsh word or hint of anxiety in my voice. Is all good! I am just amused at my personality. The things that I become fixated on in my mind and that I can’t let go of are often the small trivial things. Jakub and I rarely fight over the big things. Most of our fights are really boiled down to me being moody, and of those moody moments, 60% can really be attributed to my appetite- that is, Im hungry! Ridiculous right! Welcome to the world of womanhood!

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