Blind eye

Somehow I still that if I don’t look at something it isnt there. Messes aren’t really messes if they are put in draws. Projects aren’t going to be due if I don’t see them. If I forget about them, then the rest of the office will do. I tend to bury things. When I am lost or confused I just stop and pretend I am found and fine. I compare myself to an ostrich. I know the whole body is visible, but I think by hiding my head I will disappear.  I spin my wheels so often that I just decide to pretend I am no longer in the car. I wish I could change this about myself. Not get overwhelmed. Not just wish for something to happen, but to actually make an effort to make it happen. But I guess that is a sensible, logical approach to life- one that I just don’t have. Until then I will continue my hiding in the sand.

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