I think that as you get older you seem to derive pleasure from some strange things. Welcome to the mysteries of adulthood where painting and rearranging a room can be fun, when a night out consists of going to home depot and picking out a lamp, and a great surprise is when the dishes are done, and you buy a new bathmat! I wish that we could undertake some major project, rearrange something or fix something. My nesting instinct is totally kicking in and I want a project! I want to see a spot for baby know that I am doing something for him. All this waiting and waiting with nothing to do is killing me. Baby registry is all set and I got through it once a day looking to add things but everything has already been added- and honestly, if we even got half those things our apartment would hardly beĀ livable!! I wish we had a crib to set up and the bedding to go with it. I might be half tempted to put a doll in the crib and just play pretend for awhile. Weird right? Oh such are the thoughts of a pregnant woman given too much time and too little space to nest in. :-)))

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