Romantic Christmas Gift

I am not big into jewelry, but I always did want a nice diamond ring. Not those huge gigantic rings that are 4 karats and costs two months salary. But I would love a nice ring from my husband that I will wear for the next- oh, lets say 60 years of my life. I am luckier than most women and did receive two rings when my husband asked me to marry him. The ring he actually presented me was my mother’s engagement ring, which was actually the ring my grandfather used to propose to my grandmother, which was the exact same ring my great grandfather used to propose to my great grandmother. It is a very special ring to my family. Jakub also gave me an “every day” ring. This ring was more me, a white gold three diamond ring. Not that I don’t love this ring, but it wasn’t the brilliant ring I had imagined. Of course it might have to do something with the fact that we were both students, saving up for a wedding, moved into our first apartment 6 months before and battling with clunker of a car. Jakub is such a techy he went ring shopping online and made this once in lifetime purchase from Amazon. Amazon is a great “place” to do a bunch of shopping, but not for a ring. No warranty, no plan, no cleanings, no way to look at it and make sure it is “The One” for his “One”. I know that it doenst matter- the price, the ring, the place where it was bought. It is the thought, I had just hoped to have a story behind the ring. Like he went to a couple different stores, talked the jeweler and researched it a little. And I did find out later that he did read things online read reviews in preparation for this purchase.  These are just not the ways I do things, and so did not understand that maybe they were just as good as the methods I am more accustom to. I actually found the ring for him. Some months before I had been home sick while he was at work and instead of working on my homework I had sent him links of rings I wanted to inspire him with. This is well before we had talked about marriage and “the rest of our lives”. So he listened to me and bought exactly what I had sent him.

Periodically I ask for a new ring. An upgrade. Once we have jobs, maybe for our first born, once we have a little bit more money we could afford another ring. I know. Sooo childish. It it just something that I like.

This Christmas we are expecting our first. My belly is protruding out and our son is kicking me as my husband and I are celebrating our christmas eve eve. I had made a special dinner, lit a candle and popped a bottle of sparkling cider. We snuggled down to enjoy our last evening together before driving off to see family and friends for the next few days. Our last Christmas just the two of us, well 2.5 of us now. We are talking and smiling and suddenly he gets this look. “Darling” he says, “I have a small gift for you. Don’t get your hopes up, it is something something small.” My hopes, totally not up. I just smile. Actually, for a moment I was stunned, we had previously decided not to exchange presents. I had done the usual decorating for Christmas which is a bit of a present for him, and he had already bought me the electric fake fire space heater I had wanted (story coming soon). So what else is there? Hmmm. Jakub gets up from the table and returns with something behind his back. He presents me with a box. Granted a box that is a little too big for a ring, but still, my interest is peaked. I open it up and find stretch mark balm!!! He was right. It was a small gift. But as I look at it, I know that he researched the safest, most organic, healthiest choice for me. He knows that I do not want stretch marks, or dry skin and that I am self conscious about the way I look sometimes. This gift is bought because he knows me. He hears my little complaints and insecurities and wants to please me. He is a wonderful man. I absolutely loved my gift and continue to use it.  It is not exactly the upgrade I would also love, but it is a gift I am not disappointed by. It is very “romantic” though not what I had expected.

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