Space Heater

It was two weeks before Christmas and my friend had invited me over for dinner. My friend has impeccable taste. The drapes enhance the color of the couch, the wall decorations are country, but down on the farm country, but classic country. Everything is always just so. From her curls to her pearls everything in place. I sort of envy this put togetherness. My style is more, hmmm, how do I say, whatever I find and does not look hideous I try. There are a lot of hand-me-downs, craigslist, and hate to say it, crubslist (I live in Boston and we have generous neighbors that put perfectly good stuff out on the street that looks great in our apartment). While I was at my friends place I saw she had a beautiful space heater. It looked like a fireplace. I mean it was obviously fake, but I loved the light and ambiance it gave off. I went right home and told Jakub we had to get this space heater. We had been kicking around the idea of getting a spaceheater and I wanted this one! I described it and was met with little enthusiasm. He pointed out that the 100 dollars was too expensive- which was totally NOT TRUE!! A space heater is going to be expensive- at least the kind we wanted. Jakub saw our best friends space heater that was standing and rotating and wanted that exact one. I thought that a space heater that looked like a fire would be great for ambiance and would really make our place look cozy. He thought the space heater I picked out was too big (even after I told him the dimensions) and that it wouldn’t “fit with the decor of the apartment.” Seriously!?  That space heater is entirely too good for our place, it is brand new! I felt like telling him our place is still basically a college place! There is not one piece of brand new furniture in the entire apartment! His desk was his cousin’s old one, our bed was bought on craigslist, along with our kitchen table, sofa, coffee table. Our TV stand, bookcase and lazyboy chair was picked from the corner. This is our place. At 26 I would like to have one, new item in this place. And a 100 dollar space heater seemed completely reasonable! I begged and kept bringing it up for a week. I sent him multiple links online and told him all the advantages of the space heater. Finally, he caved. He purchased it online. I set up while he was away and when he came home was met with a big surprise. Our little space heater was set up in the living room warming the place up quite nicely. The Christmas lights, the tree, our little fake fire all adding a lovely glow to our apartment.   He was surprised with how cute it was. And he loved it! Best 100 dollars we spent at Christmas 🙂 We now use it in our bedroom when we come out of the shower, when we are working in their together and when my husband is home during the day. I think he is beginning to love the space heater as much as I did. He sure uses it more! And I will never let him forget it was my idea!

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One Response to Space Heater

  1. Jakub says:

    Of course you won’t forget it was your idea, you never forget these things! I’m surprised it took you so long to write this post, I expected to read it a month ago or so 😉

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