Managing stress

yeah, I don’t. I kept it together at work morning through the ridiculous complaints about when does the meeting start (check your calendars) and when is lunch (read in the invitation), to what do I take notes on ( look down and see the flip chart paper and a marker on the table). However, after all these insipid questions that had in my mind rather obvious answers, excel managed to reduce me to tears and swearing.  SUM=D2+D7 NO! =D2+D7 SUM NO! = SUM D2:D7 NO! AHHHHHH!!! WTF!! Are you kidding me? How the hell am I suppose to do this? I don’t remember how to do it. And honestly I just had to put my head down on the desk. I had searched my email to come up with all the things that need to go into this budget. I had made it “pretty” with boarders, headings, and bolding. Centered all the categories and had all the dollar signs automatically placed. I just couldn’t remember the freaking formula!!! (Math was never my strong suit and I thought after graduating I wouldn’t have to worry about formulas, but Noooo, excel has other plans). I can’t ask the computer a question. I can’t say you get the jest of what I want. I can’t say well you know what I mean by that, right? No. I am stuck in the great abyss of technical lost land. I can hold my temper with people and their infernal questions with obvious answers, but a computer? No. Now that is something to loose it over.

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1 Response to Managing stress

  1. I lose it over computers all the time. I have computer rage; I also have fast food give me a straw with the freaking soda idiot!

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