random epiphany

There will always be something to stress about. Some flaw in the fabric that keeps you straightening and adjusting. There will never be the calmness of childhood where you can sleep the whole night without one bad dream to mar your slumbers.

Jakub and I have been having a great year. I mean best in almost the 9 we have known each other. But he is still doing his PhD, I hate my job, and we are trying to get our SMALL one bedroom apartment together for a baby (we just got the crib and I swear it is bigger than our queen bed!). I thought I would be more prepared when I become a mom. That I would be more knowing, full of wisdom to impart to the ages…Nope. I am just full of it… kind of winging it here and hoping baby cant remember anything for quite awhile!

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  1. The baby will not remember a thing!

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