Skateboard Mummy.

I waddled my way to the copier today, had to scan some documents for work. The copier is right next to the emergency exit door. As I am waiting for the machine to warm up I hear this clanking. It is a beautiful afternoon so I peak through the door. Three boys are skateboarding, using the office concrete stair case as a ramp. Any other time in my life I would looked at them and just thought thats cool, kids are outside doing something. Now I look at these boys, with no jackets, tight jeans and goofy hats as potential friends of my son. Potential friends who will encourage him to jump 3 feet off the ground onto concrete with nothing but four tinny wheels and a piece of wood to catch him! Potential “friends” who will lead my son down a path of broken bones, bruises, and trips to the ER. The sun is setting and the amber glow is bathing these boys in a beautiful light. Their shadows stretch long on the office parking lot.  The long pent up energies of winter are suddenly being unleashed as the snow melts and the ice disappears.  And all I can think of from my perch at the window is where is the ice, where is the snow that would prevent these boys from breaking their limbs and turning my son into a mummy in the ER!

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