I couldn’t wake up today. I literally could not drag myself from the bed. My husband sent a text to my supervisor that I would be late and I pulled the blankets up over my head. Some time around 11:30 I dragged myself from bed and started my day. Hello world, I just slept the whole morning away (that is sooo not like me!)! I showered, dressed and managed something with my hair. The day was cloudy so I put on my bulky coat and walked out the door. Amazed I felt the Spring air greet me. Warmth. Warmth I haven’t felt since, since, since I don’t know early November?! I believe it was a high 45! After enduring the cold winter mornings of 18 or lower degrees, this was such a welcome. Melting snow, ice turned to little puddles, the fresh damp air greeting me! I wanted to throw open the windows and begin airing out the apartment. Run upstairs and begin the spring cleaning.  Instead I waddled my way to the car, careful to avoid puddles and slushy spots, and drove away. Work. Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho its off to work I go. But, does that mean I can afford to get a new spring coat to fit over the baby bump? Hmmm might be time to look at new spring trends for this soon to be mama!

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2 Responses to Warm

  1. Jakub says:

    Great post, not so great conclusion! ;-))

  2. I cannot wait until Friday when I get to sleep in 🙂

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