I am a lot more jealous now that I am pregnant. Seriously, my husband and I are not jealous people. He has female friends he IMs with, and exchanges comments with on Facebook. Never an issue. A friend of mine comes over in the mornings and while I am getting ready he chats with her. Our best friends live downstairs- a young married couple, totally normal for her and him to talk together. But somehow, being pregnant is lowering my jealous threshold. Why didn’t he tell me he IMed with her? Who is this attractive girl that is commenting on his wall? Why is he texting her to see if she made it to work in this snowstorm? He has never ever given me any reason to be jealous. He is a wonderful, adoring, faithful husband. We are in love! Hence baby to prove it. And yet, my radar is up. It took me awhile to figure out what this feeling was, it was so foreign to me. And honestly, I don’t like it about myself. I want him to enjoy his life, and not have to worry about nasty questions from his wife- his very pregnant wife I might add! I feel like a lot of my feelings are biological. I have chosen him as my mate, and I need to make sure the shelter is built and the food has been hunted for me and our baby.  I don’t want any sleek, slender, younger female coming in here and snatching up my mate! He is my caveman! Not rational, or logical, but somehow these are my thoughts. 10 months ago I would have indulged in some foolish question ” is she prettier than me?” And laugh when he said yes and rolled his eyes. Now I ask that question and it is a serious, toe tapping question. It is an interrogation. Can I seriously blame this on the hormones? Or, like I have reasoned it to be, is it just nature pushing me to stand guard over my mate?

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1 Response to Jealousy

  1. Jakub says:

    The fact that you talk about it so openly makes it obvious your ‘jealousy’ isn’t very serious. A serious jealous person hides it from other people 😉

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