bare feet

Yesterday was warm.  I wore my sneakers and socks, like I have been doing for the last four months. I realized as I sat outside for lunch that it was not what I considered sneaker weather. Though the snow does linger, it is bound to do that after the 65 odd inches we had this winter, the pathways were clear, and my feet felt confined in all that leather. Today, with a high predicted of 60, I wore slip ons. All  day at my desk I slip my shoes on and off. I let my bare feet breath after months of encasement. My toes flex and move on the carpet and wiggle in the freedom shoelessness.  I have my jeans rolled up today and a t-shirt on adding to my casual, ready for warm weather look. I suppose some may think me crazy. The snow not yet melted and below freezing temperatures fore casted for this weekend, but in my heart and in my mind, Spring is here, and my feet reflect it!

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