up close

I come home and I start to change. I cant find my pj pants, not unusual considering it is me after all. My pj shirt is somewhere in the pile of clothes in the hamper. You tell me to relax and we just lay down. My nakedness does not bother you and is no source of shame between us. We just talk together. Just talk like friends, intimate friends. No secrets, no barriers, only laughs, and quiet words. I see your face side ways, it is close to my face and we hold hands. I still find the boy about your face, the boy that I knew 9 years ago. The boy who intrigued me, who welcomed me, and who set my heart on fire. The softness in your eyes, the touch of your hand. Comforting, loving. You have work to finish up, and I have clothes to find. But we linger there a moment. Talking and enjoying the warmth of the room.

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