Rocking out to a whole new way of life

Last evening I sat in the glider. Our peach walls brightened by christmas lights and a lamp light contrasted with the night outside. I put my feet up on the little ottoman and began to rock. I held my belly and let my hands caress my skin. I imagine a day without the belly, with a baby in my arms. A little body needing affection and love and another body to care for him. I imagine another evening just like this, with the window open and summers breeze coming in and Mateo nursing before bed. I imagine moments with him. Time spent rocking in the same chair I am sitting in. He is moving in me, perhaps feeling my same thoughts, perhaps responding to the rocking.  I feel him pushing against my hands. I long to see him. Watch him sleep safe in my arms. I start to hum a song for him. Just us two alone in the room moving and singing our own rhythms of life.

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