Dress for work

Early this morning as I lay awake staring at the ceiling planning my outfit to work I decided that I needed a pick me up. For far too many days I had stuff myself into jeans a cotton shirt. Sure I varied it, changed up the routine by mixing t shirts with long sleeve shirts and the occasional daring sweater. But no more. Today I would wear a dress. Now I dont normal wear dresses, and honestly I dont always like dressing up. I either end up feeling awkward mid way through the day, or something goes wrong and my beautiful image is sabotaged by a run in the stockings, or a snag int he dress. Firmly looking up into the greying light of the room I vowed to put all that negativity behind me and focus on wearing my black dress. My black dress is nice and I have received quite a few compliments in it. Who can go wrong with the black? I fell back asleep for the last hour before the alarm confident in my decision.

Jakub drops my friend and I at work almost every morning on his way to work, this morning was no exception. At 8:10 the doorbell rings. I had just gotten out of the shower and send Jakub to open the door. My friend come in and I rush to get ready so I can spend my morning talking with her around the kitchen table. I slip on my dress and decide to the do the rest later. We talk and laugh and enjoy our mornings. We even had a cup of tea. At 8:50 I suddenly realize I need to finish up. Throw a brush through my hair pin it up with clips, put tights on, my shoes, jacket and run out the door. I put my makeup on in the car and today for some reason we got every light! How is a girl to do her eyeliner when we hit the green lights! Okay so not everything will be perfect for my “pick me up” feel good day.

Get to work and am walking down the hall and realize I am 5 min late to a meeting. I throw my bags down, take off my coat and quickly get my notepad and pen. As I am walking to the meeting I realize my dress is clinging to me. I think it is going pretty high but I cant see around my big belly to see how high. I pull it off of me as I walk, but it in two steps it goes right back to creeping up my thighs.  Crap it is the static cling from the tights! Well there is nothing I can do about it now. I fix my dress with every step I take. I sit at my meeting and suddenly realize I have a deodorant stain on my skirt that needs to be rubbed out and I have a piece of banana junk that fell on the front of it. I end up rubbing and fidgeting the whole meeting trying to get the stains off me. After the meeting I go to my friends office.

I tell her the story and she suggests I take off the tights. Crap, I didnt put lotion on this morning so my legs are all dry and yucky. She gives me a bottle of cream. I gratefully accept it and try to pick it up with arms already full of things. She bursts out laughing. Underneath on the side of my boob-which is also too big to see around- the cream  nozzle had rubbed against the dress leaving this white glob on my black dress. CRAP! Can I get any more clearer messages saying that I shouldn’t have worn a dress today! My attempts to rub it out only serve to smudge it. I am a mess. I run back to my office take off my tights and attempt to rub lotion onto my legs. My ankles are very far away for someone in my condition. I decide to hide out in here till the end of the day leaving only for the necessities; food, water and to use the bathroom. I am trying to see anyone, speak to anyone, and just pretend I didnt wear a dress to work today.

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