A post from a discussion forum ;-)

My husband and I are the most trusting of couples. He has never given me ANY reason to be jealous. Yet, for the first time in our 9 year relationship I am jealous. It took me a bit to realize what this feeling was. I was “bothered” by something but didnt know quite what was “irritating” me. Im jealous. Plain old jealous.  I have attributed it to hormones or some sort of biological need to stake my claim over my mate, but really, these feelings have got to! My husband is the most devoted man out there, and he is supper happy to be with me (even I sometimes question why he stays when I am so insane), he just keeps telling me he loves me.

I guess the other thing that is weird is that suddenly I am paranoid that something bad will happen to him. He is now texting me as soon as he gets to work so I know he is not dead in a ditch lying by the side of the road. When he leaves to run to the store- usually because I have some silly craving- I worry that he is taking too long and has been gunned down in some freak accident. Yeah, I have actually called him to make sure he is okay and not on the way to the hospital under the pretense of making sure he buys the right brand of cheese. I am not usually this clingy at all, but this last month something has kicked in and I am suddenly all about making sure my mate is safe and protected. Is this some sort of misplaced nesting instinct???

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  1. Yes it is the hormones:)

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