Mateusz James Moskal

He is moving right now. His feet are pushing against my skin right under my rib cage. It is like rolling thunder rippling across the plains. His movements amaze me. I wish everyone could touch this creation of life and share in my excitement. It is like standing on the edge of cliff and witnessing the most powerful of  sunsets. You wish to share, but it is your moment to amaze in silence, to be apart of something bigger than yourself, of which you have no power to control. Pure beauty.  I am a vessel for this life, for this miracle. He came to me, he was created from parts of me, from parts of love. I carry him and share all that I am with him. I am allowing him the room to grow in me, to move in me, and teach me about myself, about him and about the greatness beyond. I am part of the landscape of creation now. Woven into the sands, the rock, the trees and earth. I feel privileged to be part of the beauty of this earth and of his life.

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