I opened a can of soda for the first time in 11 years and am trying to drink it. I want the flavor, but the carbon and sweetness is so intense. How do people drink these on a regular basis??? Has something ever sounded better than it tasted? I thought my body was craving soda. The idea of it was pure gold to my mind. Now that I am drinking it I am disappointed. Did you know soda was extremely sweet?? I am confused by it, and yet I keep drinking it. In hone hour I have had 7 sips, about a 1/3 of the can. Not sure I can finish it, but am so curious about it. Like a teen experimenting with alcohol, or a toddler trying ice cream for the first time. Do I like it, or do I not?? I think I need to try just one more sip to see šŸ™‚

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