Yeah, okay so there are stretch marks!!!

I have stretch marks. Totally not cool. I mean not cool to look at an a complete unpleasant experience. I read in books that as the skin stretches it itches. I kept waiting for it to happen to me, but my stomach never itched. It just stretched and stretched. The belly button got real shallow, and new skin developed around the navel, but not itch. About three weeks ago I started to get a “rash” on the understand of my belly. It itched, I put cream on. It continued to itch, I put more cream on. This week it became like a huge mosquito bite, irrupting in itching spells. At first I thought my scratches left red marks. I looked in a mirror, seeing as my belly is too big for me to see the under side. I laid on the bed and had my husband look. Sure enough those red marks were not by my hand. My skin has red thick stretch marks!!!! Not only does it itch, often at awkward times, but they are ugly too!!! I dont think it is fair. If you stretch marks insist on remaining where you are, and ruining my smooth belly than can you at least have the decency to not itch!!! Or if you must itch, can you please be invisible? Ugly and uncomfortable should never coexist, especially if you are on me!!!

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