Keurig Machine

There is extra money in the budget. Working at a non profit there can never be extra money. We need to spend every dime. Buy an extra laptop, a monitor, 50 flash drives, or a Keurig machine. We don’t need any of these things, and most likely they will sit an office and rot before becoming old and obsolute and we have to buy “new, better, bigger, faster”.  We bought a Keurig machine today. Actually I purchased it, on orders handed down from higher ups. I tried to the best I could ordered fair trade coffee when available, but that will not assuage the guilt. Do you know how environmentally unfriendly those little machines are? The packaging alone is enough to make my head spin! Cardboard, Styrofoam, rubber bands, plastic bags and the smell of rubber and chemicals. The little individually portioned coffee containers that are plastic with  aluminum foil for lids.  So much waste! I heard they can be recycled, but with the grinds still in the container, I a little skeptical of that. People at work ooo and awww over this machine. I look at it and think of the Lorax, he speaks for the trees for the trees have no voices. I think of starbucks and dunkin donuts with their plastic lids and Styrofoam cups. Or worse, at dunkin donuts when you order iced coffee and they give you a plastic and Styrofoam cup! Don’t they know that it will take me 10 minutes to drink my coffee and 10 thousand years for those cups to biodegrade in some landfill?? I am looking all the garbage in my life and wondering where it goes. Even green is recycling? To put extra plastic bins around an office, to have separate trucks to lug recycled trash around, and how green is the process to recycle tin, aluminium, and plastic? Don’t know, not sure. I pat myself on the back by putting my paper and plastic in the proper bins, but how much do I know of what is happening to my trash? Is it possible to even live a day without contributing to the landfill with some item? Throw away the wrapper of a gum, a plastic bag from the store,  a shampoo bottle that is finished. Already today I had a fruit cup, a paper cup, and the remnants of packaging left over from a Keurig machine and it isnt even noon. Garbage is just away of our life, but it doesn’t disappear, it stays and has a nasty way of ruining things for the future.

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