Falling victim to useless baby crap

I have tried to be very vigilant over what goes in the apartment as far as baby goes. Like a new girlfriend critical of new boyfriends furniture as it is being delivered to her apartment, so have I been. Researching best products, while keeping in mind space and budget considerations. Today I feel victim to baby marketing and unwrapped a useless product. Thank God it was on my registry and was given to me, or I would have felt bad at spending $16 freakin dollars on it.

Can I ask, what the hell is a nursing shawl??? And pray tell me,  how is it different than any receiving blanket or light weight piece of material???? I thought it had Velcro on the corners and they would stick together creating a secure, modest nursing space. Instead it has this specially designed “triangular” patter- Excuse me, that is called a square!-  and a small, tiny, little weight in one corner that can be taken out when you need to wash it. Seriously, a little ridiculous. Some male executive in a big office is driving a Hummer off the profits of his miracle nursing wrap, and I am left scratching my head going seriously it cost how much more and it is no different than any other blanket in the world?? I have never nursed, so maybe this weight might be worth the extra $15.99 in ease and convenience, but I highly, HIGHLY doubt it.

Also, just a question, how many receiving blankets does one child need??? I somehow ended up with 8?! Is that too much?? I mean, I have no idea, but 8 seems excessive to me. And how are receiving blankets any different than any other piece of material out there? Why did people spend 10 and 15 dollars when JoAnne fabrics has the exact same thing for half the price? I am scratching my head wondering how things are snow balling and costs are soaring.

Also, packaging. I know I am not the most green person, but I do try. What the hell is up with all this packaging? Do I seriously need everything to be wrapped in plastic with little plastic snaps and a cardboard cut out with a pretty picture and useless directions about the triangular masterpiece of cloth called a nursing wrap? Nope. I am going to look at it, regret buying and throw it in the trash. Or how about that package my receiving blankets came in that has a zipper on the clear plastic container. I feel like I should use it when I travel as a clear bag to put cosmetics in, but I can say that for the million other packaging materials I have opened in recent days. And usually my great ideas like “This will be useful when….” end up in cluttering up the house, getting on my husbands nerves and me never able to find that item I was saving in the first place when the time does arrive. I know me, and I know I fail at reusing things.

I will keep you posted of any other useless baby crap I come across. I think I will have a better handle on things once the “stork” brings my little bundle of joy.

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1 Response to Falling victim to useless baby crap

  1. doreen says:

    There is an awful lot of useless baby crap. I have spent much too much buying it…finally after 11 granndchildren I have a bit of a clue…although I am still a sucker for cute!

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