Mateo is moving. I feel him thumping against my rib and heart. His little twitches are so cute and amusing. He is inside me itching to get out and enter the world. He never really kicked like how I thought he would. I felt him thump. Like trying to move your legs through water. I felt his foot, or his head, or  his bottom fall and push against my stomach. Suddenly a lump would appear on my side where no lump was before. I could feel his feet push against me. His arm against side. I love feeling him. Feeling him move in my body as he tries to make himself comfortable. I am carrying him in this life, but one day, and one day soon, he will be on his own. One moment he will be dependent on me, and the next air will fill his lungs, and he will be on his own. Amazing how life works.

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1 Response to Thumping

  1. Jakub says:

    He will be totally dependent on you for a while, even after air fills his lungs 😉

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