Moving in

Two years ago my husband and I had a roommate. We were living in a two and a half bedroom apartment with a roommate that lived upstairs and shared the kitchen. No, not just the kitchen, our lives. She would sit in our chair, watching our TV, mooch our food, and condiments, coming and going whenever she wanted. We had to move. I put my foot down that I couldn’t live there. I wanted a change. We had lived in that same apartment for a year a half. That temporary place to, full of empty rooms, and college crap had some how turned into a home for a us, one my husband was hesitant to leave. We had scrapped together some money to purchase some silverware, dishes and some furniture off craigslist. We had walked the streets and found a lazyboy chair, a bookcase and little things here and there. But that roommate, and that need in me for change would not be quieted. I had to have a change. I needed “us” time that was not interrupted. I had to have a bed that wasn’t ancient that would squeak whenever you breathed on it. We needed to strike out on our own and have our own place! A change. That was the answer. We had to have an adventure that would bring us closer. An adventure that could take us out west. California. Washington. Adventure! Jakub couldn’t go because he was still in school. Okay Boston would  remain our home. There are so many little cute boroughs in the city. Brookline, Jamaica Plain, Downtown. We could move anywhere! But for Jakub’s work he had to remain close to the pike for an easier commute. I refused to live in Cambridge because traffic is dreadful there. Somerville didn’t seem to have the neighborhood feel we were accustom to. So Brighton remained our area. I had a list of things I wanted and didnt want. I didnt want a front door that was in front of the bathroom like it was in the current apartment. We looked. We saw a basement apartment that was a three bedroom and had a parking space. The basement had no access to light and black mold on the registers. We couldn’t live there. There was another apartment in a rundown building with wall to wall carpeting, an entire blue bathroom- tile and toilet, and crappy cabinets. Disappointment hung in the air. We saw one place. In what I call an asylum brick house on a street with equally depressing asylum housing. Last asylum house, with a little porch light and a red door was the were we looked. The front door opened up right in front of the bathroom. Every wall was painted a sterile white. The floor was hardwood with uneven areas. But this was the best we had seen. Yes, we took it. It was exactly two streets away from where we use to live, in the same area of town, in the same city, in the same state. But it was the best decision. It was the right decision. It was the decision that made us the most happy. Sometimes people think they need to change everything about themselves to be happy. They need to run from their past to get a fresh start. Life is a grand adventure, and you don’t need to look any further than your own apartment to find one.

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