Big Foot

My once lovely bare feet are now disgusting. I always took pleasure in my bare feet. The feeling of freedom and fun that comes from sandals, flip flops or just the nakedness of toes. I look down on my feet now and I see sausage toes, and bloated ankles. What the hell? Do I have elephantiasis? Seriously, they are puffy masses extending from my pant legs. And worse, no shoes fit me to cover my hideous clodhoppers! I am forced to show the world the ugliness of pregnant feet. My legs are so swollen that if I push on them you can see the imprints of my fingers, and literally the dents will stay there for ten minutes. Yes it is that bad! I am not exaggerating! The first time I noticed the dents I had been sitting cross legged on the bed and I thought they were a birth defect that I somehow never noticed. My husband was just as perplexed as I was. And then I realized it was just me. Thats right, pregnant, big legged, swollen footed me!  At night I try to squeeze the blood up to the rest my body like someone squeezes the last toothpaste out of the tube. It has little effect but makes me feel like I am trying. I sit with my feet up everywhere I can, but unless I were to hang upside down like hogs at the butcher shop for a good two days I don’t think my legs and feet would improve. I am stuck walking around on these now VERY cushioned extremities showing the world the underside of the pregnant body. Yes yes, I know the belly is the main attraction, but the repercussions of pregnancy rock through my entire frame. Can’t wait to see the aftermath of the hurricane; postpartum. What will my body look like then? What battle wounds and scars and STRETCH MARKS will be left? I know, I earned them! Like the athlete the earned that size 2, muscular frame, from marathon running, I earned my tummy marks, and cottage cheese thighs. I worked for 9 months at retaining fat, water, and building my beautiful son- which makes everything, even the loss of joy over bare feet- worth it!

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