Eye of the Tiger

Today is the day. The day my husband defends his PhD. 4 years researching, 6 years at his university, 23 years worth of eduction boiling down to 40 minutes of presenting and 15 minutes of question and answer. A big moment for him.

He set three alarms this morning ensuring he would wake up in time. He met me in the bathroom with his grey sweatpants and black sweatshirt on with the hood pulled up. He looked like a fighter preparing for the fight of his life. Brushing his teeth he was all business. Thinking of important details to mention, of wording he wanted to use, and concepts he wanted to clarify. He was focused, prepared, professional.

I on the other hand was not. I provided comic relief. Singing eye of the tiger at him and throwing all my black clothing on the floor in an attempt to find my illusive leggings that I had to wear. The sun was shinning and I was trying to be supportive as I kept one eye on him and the other in my dresser drawers. Yes yes good mood aside, where the hell are my leggings! “How are you feeling Jakub? Prepared? WHERE ARE MY LEGGINGS!!! Did I put them in the dirty clothes? Are you ready for the presentation? Eye of the tiger, cream of the crop!” I was a mess running around the apartment and getting nothing accomplished. My hair is not straitened like I wanted. My makeup bag in the car. No time for breakfast. Apartment a mess. Just trying to hold it all together to get out of the house and be in a good mood for Jakub.

He looked wonderful this morning. A cranberry stripped shirt, grey slacks and grey blazer. I love the cranberry shirt on him. His dark features highlighted so well by the hint of red. I wish I was the type of women to iron. I wish I was the type of women to help her man pull his outfit together and put the finishing details on. Instead I am the type of women that needed her man to pull her together and find those blasted leggings!

Breakfast consisted of a piece of bread with Brie cheese melted on it. I wish I had thought ahead and asked him if he wanted eggs or something special, and I wish I was the type of women to get up and actually make it! Grab a contained of Naked Juice Jakub and run out the door, we are late! (As usual)

Drive through the city. Sing in the car. This is a big day, but why does it feel so ordinary?

I drop him off and drive to the parking spot. No sooner do I put the car in park than he calls. Emergency. A missing cable, at home, needs me to go get it. Like Batman in the Batmobile  Im on it. Cutting off drivers, and running yellow lights I fight my way through traffic. Must save Jakub! On the masspike another phone call. Cable found, danger averted, sorry for the trouble. No longer Batman, I return to my Bruce Wayne legging clad self and drive back to the University.

Sitting in a cafe, probably among students 5-10 years younger than myself I type up these notes, waiting for the real hero to come to my rescue. A hero that surfs through the web with his trusty side kick Mac, who can answer all questions IT, and has been called the “computer whisperer” by those who know him best (also good with finding leggings under duress). Yes, my hero Dr. Jakub PhD 🙂

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