how much can I blame on pregnancy hormones?

I feel like everything that goes slightly wrong in my life I get to blame on pregnancy hormones. I forgot my cell phone at home. Pregnancy hormones make you forgetful. I am so frustrated that I can’t figure out this software. Pregnancy hormones make you emotional. I feel bloated and fat. Pregnancy hormones make you retain fat and water. I am up in the middle of the night unable to sleep. Pregnancy hormones make your sleep erratic. Of course everything can be blamed on pregnancy hormones. It isn’t that I chronically forget my phone at home because I just don’t focus on it, or that I am completely impatient and always over emotional, or that I ate ice cream twice yesterday that I feel uncomfortable with my body because of that, or  that I have always had bad sleeping problems. No, it is because I am pregnant and those hormones. Once I give birth I will be back to normal, remembering everything, calm as a cucumber, svelte and sleeping through the night like a baby….YEAH RIGHT! What baby sleeps through the night?? Where does that saying even come from??? 🙂

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1 Response to how much can I blame on pregnancy hormones?

  1. Sanaa says:

    hahaha this made my day!


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