Feeling loved

Today I am sitting in cafe up the street from our house. The wall of window are cracked letting in the fresh air of the city. Busses and cars clog the street as people attempt to rush to work for deadlines and meetings. The only thing I am impatient for is my giant iced coffee which is in the process of being made. I navigate the chairs and tables in order to retrieve my coffee from the counter. It is always difficult for me to judge spaces with my belly protruding out. I think I can make it, and then I get caught on the chair, or rub up against someone, the last one is a bit awkward! In any event, my morning is stress free and full of relaxing.

Jakub and I got up this morning at 7:50. We chatted our usual five minutes before mustering up our strength to brave the world. I am usually the better musterer 🙂 We showered and dressed , joking and laughing the whole time. Just normal couple banter, mixing jokes and plays on words referencing things throughout our years together. We are so comfortable with each other, freed from the stress normal human relationships. We are a family in the truest sense right now.

I turn on the water boiler and begin to make our breakfast while Jakub continues his primping for his first day of work at the office. Bread, cream cheese, tomato slices- the breast of my champion! He sips his hot coco and we chat. He looks wonderful in his new outfit, like a real young profession.

It is amazing to think about where we were when we first met. I not yet in college, and he just finished his second of five years. We were tanned, young and invincible. I never realized how invincible the young feel till I was older. Even now I am not that old but the new penny shine is slowly rubbing off. When Jakub and I met we were idealistic, even while we were questioning if our love was strong enough to last the distance. We were hopeful when age and pragmatism would have abandoned ship. It was a great time. On the edge of a huge precipice not knowing if it will be the end or the beginning or something great. When we met we were shadows of the selves we are now. We saw each other grow up, and experienced all the pains and joys that transformation brings in life.

And here we are. Sitting at our kitchen table this very morning. All degrees earned, our love solidified with marriage and by our son, getting ready to face yet another day, the first of many in this new phase as a family.

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