The laid back mama

I am so glad that Mateusz is healthy. So far no allergies (now where is my wood to knock on it??), no colds, no sickness, no colic (well he might have had colic but since there is no cure we just sojourned on). I am a completely relaxed mama when it comes to certain, well most things. Our neighbors have cats. “Mateusz would you like to touch the soft kitty?” My friend has a do. “Soft puppy Mateusz.” The toy falls on the kitchen floor, brush it off it is as good as gold. I just cant get worked up over things. Taking him at 4 weeks on a flight to California. My husband was more nervous than I was- and we still weren’t great at nursing! I listen to other mothers worry that their baby isnt getting enough milk through nursing. I went through that phase, but it lasted about a day and a half. I got worried called the Lactation specialist and she said to see if he gains weight. I would offer him the breast or not offer him the breast and was on vigilant watch for like a day. And then I just kind of thought, well if he wasnt getting enough he would complain, right? And thus ended that worry. I worry sometimes. He was spitting up A LOT for a week and I did call the doctor (on day 5 when I just couldn’t take my clothes and his clothes constantly smelling!). He seemed fine so I didnt think he cared that much. He would just smile and push tons of spit up out of his mouth. She said not to worry. So I didnt. And it all turned out okay. I think I treat my first like some mothers treat their second child. He sleeps in a onsie. Granted it was summer and too hot for pjs- right? Oh well. This is my little confessional I guess šŸ™‚

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  1. You are so adorable! And a good Mom. I have to say this though [but first I do not agree] My son-in-law once put my grand son to bed in a onesie and he and my daughter had the biggest fight . She called him ghetto…I was laughing so hard and she was mad at me too…it was like 100 degrees out. It is all about common sense…

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