Second plane trip

First plane trip at 5 weeks. Second plane trip was undertaken as a solo flight with mommy. Why is that every time Mateusz is flying- either when he is extremely little, or when I don’t have help there is a problem. A delay, a lightening storm, “maintenance issue” (vague terms that makes everyone nervous!) This time we were already on board. I had just changed his diaper, settled in with the boppy, the seatbelt, the weird couple next to me, and I was about to dawn my nursing shawl feed the little one when the pilot asked us to “de-plane”. Um, didnt I just get on this plane? Why do we need to get off now??! Okay obviously they have never flown by themselves with a baby or they wouldn’t ask such a demanding task. The flight attendant needed to hold the baby for me while I tried to get the stroller back together. But she couldn “get off the plane”, not even one step, to stand a side so as not to block other people. Mateusz was given to the pilot while I assembled the stroller, grabbed the carry-on, the boppy, nursing shawl and oh yeah, dont forget the baby!! 🙂

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