Up All Night, I think I could do better.

One: Make an episode about an outing. What it takes to get ready, what it is like going out and having people watch you/ judge you. I mean seriously the baby is crying and as a parent you are suppose to know what it needs and the truth is, who really does? Sometimes babies just cry!!!

I think about what it is like when I take my son shopping. Making sure I have all the gear, the burp cloth, nursing shawl change of clothes, enough wipes, diapers, sweatshirt ect. Then getting in and out of the car with the carseat! Safety comes first, but seriously I am not a strongman! Those things weigh a ton and are awkward as hell! When I go shopping I talk to my son even if he is sleeping just because I am use to talking to him. Or when he cries himself to sleep- which is standard practice even at home. I seem like a bad mother not attending to him, but I just let him suck on my finger pull the shade down and let him fuss for the three minutes it takes him to fall asleep. Its all good, but I am sure the people around me think me a cruel heartless mother.

Two:Nursing! HEllO perfectly funny story line. To nurse or not to nurse. Which bottles to use- nipple size, flow size, air flow ect. Nothing with bottles are simple these days. Weeks could be written about all the different kinds pros and cons! Bonding vs. having help (a.k.a Daddy, grandma ect.) with feeding. I just feel like there are tons of ideas I have for storylines just with this- even if you went the bottle route.

Three: Sleep! I mean the show touched on this, but there is so much more. What is a night like? How often are parents up? Spit up vs throw up? Diarrhea vs. Normal poop? Is the baby sick, colic or just normal crying. Following a night could be all one episode.

Four: Going back to work. How it feels for both. To suddenly be alone with the baby. To not have a reason to leave the house. To need to leave the house be overwhelmed with the new baby and cant seem to get out of the house. For the person leaving, how it feels to walk away. The moment where you are so caught up with work you forget about the baby. Rushing home to see the baby and being stuck in traffic. Missing out on time. Bedtime coming early and working late. The frustration of being that partner with the baby all the time and needing a break and the person coming home from work and needing a break.

I mean real life funny things. Not stupid things that were showcased on Up All NIght. I thought it was going to be about parenting and instead it was that “parenting” that was shown on Friends by Rachel and Ross. I mean who can just “get a sitter”. An episode should be about how to pick a sitter. The young teenager that hardly knows anything about kids or the wise grandmother who knows everything but can hardly bend to pick them up. Exploding poop diapers, spit up that never ends, being ten minutes late to everything because there is always something that happens with the baby last minute. Who responsible parents both allow themselves to get drunk? I mean what if there is an emergency and the baby needs attention? What if the baby just needs attention? Shouldn’t they show at least one parent staying sober? I feel like that is how it really is. There is always a DP- designated parent- for the night. Or how about that moment when you realize every conversation with your spouse for the last couple days or weeks have been about the baby. How about an episode of reconnecting with each other, not just getting drunk and singing, but trying to have a real conversation and remembering why you both fell in love and decided to have children.

My son is 4 1/2 months old and I feel like so many funny moments, touching moments, have happened. The moment he first smiled. The moment when I heard him laugh. The moment when he started to reach for things. I feel like an episode could be made on those types of things.Not about that crap character Ava, and about the dumb neighbors.

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