Lazy Mama

My horrible confession is that I sometimes I hate changing diapers. This weekend I had an excuse- I injured my neck, but sometimes I groan with the thought of changing diapers. I wish I was the type of parent that loved the dirty work as much as the fun work, but I just don’t. (That is not to say that I don’t change my son’s diaper, and DO IT GLADLY. I just sometimes wished the potty was a viable option from the beginning.) THe other job I hate doing is cleaning up after eating….My son makes a mess. I LOVE watching him eat. I love watching him explore his food, the small bit that gets into his mouth. He sucks on his cookie and biscuits rather than bite. He nurses the spoon and has trouble containing the joy of blowing rasberries while the squash is stuck to the roof of his mouth. Ah, well that is food for ya 🙂 But man oh man, the clean up! I hate washing the tray, sticky fingers, under the chin, the face, my neck, MY arms, MY CLOTHES! His food is everywhere! As I am putting food in his mouth I see his fingers creep up to his mouth and I know it is a matter of time before pea smear is spread all over his tray. Why is cleaning up so hard for me?

I injured my neck- for the second time since he was born. My neck is full of spasming muscles and knotted patches that it makes it hard to move my head. I pushed through this weekend, but it was a struggle- especially with the drive to upstate NY to see my parents and a drive to Jersey to see Jakub’s family and the drive back to Boston. I am hoping that this injury and annoying pain is contributing to my lazy mood. I just don’t have the energy to be both care taker and injured mama without a little help from my husband. THANK YOU JAKUB!!!

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