Sleep Roller

My son is a sleep roller. He moves and tosses in his sleep. Just now I heard this little banging in his crib. I go check on him and it is his head crashing into rails! Goodness that can’t be good for his brain development! I shift him and he continues to deep breath with his eyes closed. I never swaddled him. He didn’t seem to like it. As an infant (more infant than he is now :-)) he liked to suck on his fingers. That from the beginning was his soothing technique. Why rob him of it? He always liked his freedom I guess. So he was allowed to roll. To move and shift with his dreams. What does my little dreamer see at night? Where does he think he is going as he rolls around in the crib? I wonder what awaits this little man. He is so sweet. So innocent. I love him so much. That I could protect my little sleep roller from all rails and curbs in his way.

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