And half the women raised their hand….

I wasn’t there, but here is the story. At my lactation group on Tuesday a mother said “I drove here by  myself today after just getting cleared to drive after my C-section.” (Personally, I didn’t know you shouldn’t drive after a c-section and drove two or three days after I came home…no one told me not to?) The lactation consultant said “how many women in here had a c-section?” And half the women in the room raised their hands, maybe about 10 women. She shook her head and goes “isn’t that a shame.”

I can see where she was coming from. I think before I had Mateusz I would have thought the same thing (BUT NEVER SAID IT OUTLOUD!) C-sections are preformed so much in this country, and are all of them medically necessary, I don’t know? But regardless. The women in that room made peace with their decision, and have beautiful children as proof. I wanted a natural birth. I pushed for one all the way! (Well no really pushed, Mateusz was in distress before we even got started). But still, it took me awhile to come to grips that it didn’t work out for us. What was I suppose to do, tell the Doctors, I know his heartbeat is dropping and I am not dilated, but I really wanted a natural birth no c-section guys. Yeah, right!

I also would like to say, that I would never like to have to justify my decision to anyone! Especially someone in the medical community who works in a hospital. There are enough things that I stress about and worry about and the way I gave birth is no one of them. While I didn’t want a c-section, and would prefer a more natural approach next time, I will say I was rested when Mateusz was born. The full recovery was longer than 8 weeks, but I don’t have hemorrhoids, or messed up stomach muscles. Other than the line in my bikini area there is nothing that has altered about me. I made peace with my decision. And it wasn’t always easy. I am a little sad that I didn’t have contractions, or go through my waterbreaking and all that…But such is life. I have a beautiful son and it doesn’t matter how he was born, just that he was! Why is this woman bringing up bad feelings and placing a judgement on my decision? A decision that was a necessity.


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