Rasberries in my squash!

Mateusz has developed this “cute” habit of blowing rasberries…while eating. I don’t object to them at any other time of day, just while there is food in his mouth. I use to think when started in on them that it signaled he was done, but now, I know that it is just him having some fun. So question, what would you do? Let him blow his rasberries spraying squash, peaches, pears, or whatever happens to be in his mouth all over his tray, face, and MY FACE. Or start the discipline process? I started to discipline him. Crucify me! (I know this because the lactation specialist at my mommy group did!) She said “Blowing rasberries is an important step in the developmental process. Babies are experimenting with food and shouldn’t be disciplined.” Um, well, then you can clean up the mess. I also think, while I don’t want meal time to be a battle ground, I would prefer it if Mateusz does not mess around with his food. Is it so horrible that I say “No” to him and shake my head? I do want him to experiment with the texture, and I understand that it is important to understand the properties of pureed foods, but honestly, it is such a mess! I want him to know that he puts it in his mouth, not spits it all over the place…And won’t it be inconsistant if one day I tell him “no” after he has been doing it awhile? It is a fine line between letting your child experience the world, and constantly cleaning up their messes!  

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