Evening heat

It is warm in the house. There is little or no circulation and the only place to escape the heat is the basement. But the basement doesn’t have a kitchen, unless you count Mateusz’s little wooden one. And it doesn’t have a dinning room table. And it doesn’t have a bed. There is no escape. I am hot. The sweating and the heat puts me in a bad mood. Coupled with the fact I am tired, Matuesz hasn’t napped today, there is no dinner, and I lost my car keys I am walking around like a live wire. Trying to stay calm as I suck in the damp humid air around me is no easy feat.
I sit in Mateusz’s room and hold him with the fan and AC on. We are both sweating, but we are loving the moment. Neither one of us wants to move. The fan gives us some relief and the AC gives us the promise of more. He clings to me like a money’s young will cling to his mama. His curled up with his hands clinging to the collar of my shirt. Gosh I love this kid. I hum to him and brush his damp hair with my fingers. He smiles and starts to laugh a little and touch his nose, which starts our going through all the all the facial features. Where is my nose? That is your nose. That is your ear. Mouth. Lips. Cheeks. All with little fits of giggles. Amazing. Babies. They are just amazing. I lay him down and he holds his giraffe. I slip out of the room and I hear him babbling softly to himself. His best friend in the dark is himself. He talks to him and babbles to him constantly. He rolls in the crib selecting what corner of the blanket or which ear or tail to chew on of his giraffe. Going to sleep. Resting. After a long day. We all need it.

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