Beautiful hair

I see so many people with beautiful hair. I am attempting to grow my hair out for locks for love, but it is summer and I am hot!! I want someone to come give me a pep talk, or style it for me so I can walk out the door feeling confident, cool, showing off my beautiful mane. (And when I say mane I mean MANE! Thick, wavy, heavy, frizzy hair!) I have been thinking of starting to blow dry it in the morning. (Oh my gosh I am not revealing how little I actually do with my hair.) Most days I let it dry al-natural, without brushing or combing it. I heard somewhere that brushing wet hair can break it adding to frizzy hair. Not sure if it is true, but why take the risk?
Other days when I am “going out”, you know mommy errands, play groups, ect. I throw it up in clips conveying a kind of messy, and I would like to think, artsy look. If I do, happen to leave it down in an attempt to feel confident while I walk out the door it is within minutes I am cursing and feeling claustrophobic! My hair is literally strangling me!!
Today I broke out the hair dryer while Mateusz slept. 30 minutes later my hair was dry. Add in another 5 to straighten the little fly aways in the front and I am finally presentable…but lord I can’t do this even on a weekly basis! It also still feels like it is strangling me and frizzing in my face. How do long haired women do this? How do they put up with all this hair all over the place!?! I just can’t. I am already thinking about where I last put down my clips and if I should get my ponytail holder.


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1 Response to Beautiful hair

  1. Jakub says:

    Thank you for a lovely hair status update 😉

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