I need a vacation!

I want a vacation. Not the type requiring sunscreen and shades, but a vacation from my body. Don’t get me wrong. I love being pregnant. I feel so much joy at carrying life, but honestly after about 6 months I would like to have a day off. And chasing a toddler to boot. Yes, a day, two days, at least a night 😉 off would be nice!!

My husband and I were laying in bed and I was telling him about my woes of the week and why I deserved a night off when he suddenly said “I have been listening to a lecture and it has fundamentally changed my perspective of science and God.”

Um seriously…No like, seriously???

This is why I am not a scientist! Who cares if somewhere in a theoretical realm or in a galaxy far far away parallel lines can meet! Or if quantum physics are about to be revolutionized? I mean, is this information going to help me push a baby out of my body? Will this help me figure out how to get Mateusz to stop banging on the kitchen cabinets? Does this even have a chance at improving my sleep. NOPE! Not on your life. Sorry honey, but this is just not something I want to discuss right now. I know you married me because I was smart, beautiful, kind, and right now it is a little hard to find those attributes in me, but hold whatever in depth soul searching question you have for about five more years when I can finally come up for air. It occurred to me that my intellectual mind has begun to whither while I try to learn about sleep habits of newborns, and the sugar contents of a baby yogurt. My once muscular thin tummy has grown to watermelon proportions and well the kindness of my personality has been all but eclipsed with hormonal outburst and tears. My patience is all used up on coping and loving our son darling! I got none for you at the moment. I hate to be that selfish person, but honestly, I need a vacation, not an intellectual discussion on atomic particles. Thanks for loving me anyway!! Right back at you!

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