Up and out of here!

Getting up this morning I thought ahead. I decided I would get dressed so incase I wanted to go to the store or outside with Mateusz I could while Jakub slept. I quickly and quietly changed in the darkened bedroom. I brought Mateusz downstairs and we had a delightful breakfast and then went out in the front yard to play for a couple minutes. I waved hello to dog walkers, and chatted with a neighbor before heading back in and waking Jakub. I decided to be an extra good wife and take the baby and go get coffee. Wow, what a woman!

I went into the coffee shop and a middle aged woman quickly approached me. “Life with a toddler is so hard. I remember the days! And oh my goodness you are expecting too! You must be so busy. But just to let you know, you are shorts are inside out.”

Wow. Thanks. What can you do at a moment like that? Laugh. Laugh at yourself, laugh that other people know exactly what you are going through and can probably relate. Too late to change it now, so hold your head up high and order that coffee!

Which is exactly what I did. At least I got dressed 😉 Half the battle is won.

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