It occurred to me I have not written much about Sebastian..okay I only have written about his birth and a few tidbits.
Sebastian, if one day you are reading this, you are loved. Your mother just got lazy. But I will try to record something for you.
You are 4 months old, laying on the floor. Your brother is playing on his own, handing me books or toys and running away. I hear you squawking, not crying exactly, just making some news. I figure you hate tummy time and for a few minutes more play with Mateusz. I finally get up to settle you and I see you rolled over! Wonderful!! From Tummy to back, you are amazing!! Yay!! Only, now I see you that the snaps of your pants opened and your diaper got stuck to floor and yes, yes you peed all over the place. Yep, that would make me squawk too. Good job mama. And since then (for about a month) you haven’t rolled over since. I don’t blame you. You probably think it ends in pee.

Sebastian is a beautiful boy. Recently he has been waking up a lot…maybe every hour, every 45 min. Yeah, gets tiring. However, I have hardly get upset. I nurse him, or hold him, and he is generally happy, and QUIET, so as much of a chore as it is…thanks to Mateusz, I know it could be worse 🙂 It is also very hard to be irritated with Sebastian. He is just such a good baby, that the few times he really loses it I feel like it is more a failing of me, than of him.

Sebastian’s eyes started out blue. Bright sea blue! So beautiful. Now they are darkening to a green. Green blue. But the other day I was looking at them and I saw a speck of brown. Brown. Seems like I am fated to have brown eyed children. Not that there is anything wrong in that. Mateusz has these liquid brown eyes that you just want to melt in. But Sebastian is fairer and I was thinking that lighter eyes on him might just be what the doctor ordered…we shall just wait and see.

Sometimes I am not sure Sebastian even comes from me. He is so so fair. He is so so calm. With Mateusz I knew he was from me, and I could see myself in him. His eyes, his personality, his toes (sorry kid). With Sebastian, where is me? He is all Jakub or at least that side of the family. Fair skin, lighter eyes, round face, no hair. He is beautiful though. So beautiful. Somehow I lucked out and have two beautiful children.

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