Congratulating me on a decade well lived

I heard from someone today that your mind is able to adjust to an life changing event every 7 years….Um well, that sentence was not meant for anyone in their 20’s. I feel like my 20’s, along with most the people I know in their 20’s, just about every year bring some sort of life changing event. Finishing school, starting another school, a job, a marriage, having a kid, having another kid, finding a job, growing up, changing boyfriends/girlfriends, buying a house, selling a car. Whatever it is, life changes super fast in your 20’s. You walk into the decade hardly knowing yourself, and by the end you know yourself, but don’t know how you got to where you got. Who is that person in the mirror? I see a person with a few grey hairs, a wrinkle or two, smile lines, shadows under the eyes, and buckets of responsibility.

I had a person call me “hun” and say “what a pretty girl you are”. I was younger than her, dressed in jeans, but girl? I am a woman. Two kids, a husband, a house, a car, a life, all qualifies me as a woman…and yet, I was not offended, because I still feel like a girl. I still feel too young for this life, and too old for it not to be my life. I am believable in this life, and yet it is such a dream. Me. Me, have two kids??!! Me, have ideas about how to parent??

Life moves fast. At 20 I such a kid. Such a baby of a child, with a whiff of adulthood about me, but with a child’s flare for drama. And now, here I am entering my last year of my 20’s and I am a woman. A full fledged woman. In the last 9 years my life has changed. I guess 9 years is a long time, but it is also a very short time. In less than a decade I have moved so far and so fast. It is exhilarating, scary, and a little overwhelming.

So much doubt and uncertainty about who I was, has now been replaced with a sold knowledge of who I am, but with uncertainty about where I am going. I am already looking at myself from my children’s perspective. What are the things that they are going to see in me that they admire and say I could have done better. (clean the house more will be on the “do better” list for sure). Thanks mama, for inspring me to… will I hope be in their rolling credits of life. In any event, knowing who I am is half the battle (Mission accomplished 20’s). Knowing where I am going, and where I am in the world are tasks to take on in the next decade of my life. (Hello 30’s!!!)

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