The things you forget

Today I was suddenly reminded about how much I forget about my kids as they grow and life goes by.

Mateusz learned to yell “mama” about 7/8 months and would crawl (or rather drag himself) around the apartment calling “MA MA!!” over and over again. Not always associating it with me, but getting a reaction none the less. HE would yell it and scream it in a not so nice tone. Angry at me almost. And of course, when he learned to say Tatusz it was all sweet and gental. Taaa tusz 🙂 One of the many things that I forgot and just remembered.

Mateusz also use to always have his tongue out. When he was a baby I mean. I always thought he was born with a grownup tongue and his head just grew around it.

Mateusz use to run with his arms behind his back, crouched down allittle. Like he was hunting something or doing some sort of small dance.

Mateusz will, on occasion, wake up and spend time in his crib playing. The other day I was went up stairs to check on him and suddenly I heard “HI”. No crying, no screaming, just a ringing out of “hi”. Friendly and loving. Yep, that is him 🙂

Sebastian was 5 months old yesterday. I can’t believe so much time has gone by. He loves to play with his feet and makes these funny breathing in choking nosies when he plays. He also loves rasberries and chewing on his fingers. He is such a good beautiful baby. I am sure in the future I will forget about something Sebastian does, but for now, I am just trying appreciate every moment I have with him.

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