Cherrios in my shoes and love in heart

Life happens. And I find cherrios in my shoes in the morning. I have crows feet in the corners of my eyes, and I am pretty sure that my husband and I slept with some baby wipes in bed with us. We kept hearing the packaging crinkle but we were both too tired to remove it from somewhere in the sheets. The months roll by, and the years pass, and it is marked in clothes outgrown, new toys to buy, tantrums, and laughter. Each stage of childhood lasts for but a moment and then is gone. The stains from the baby have moved from my shoulder to now my waist and thigh as my baby has grown to a toddler. The process is beautiful. The pain is real, but the joys are amazing…Indescribable. The way it feels to hold them…to cuddle them. I can’t imagine a day without them. All my love and all my being is put into keeping those joys alive and well and content. There are moments that I can’t believe this is my life. I get to wake up to these crying, smiling, dirty, beautiful, faces everyday. I don’t want to miss it. I don’t want to blink and have it be over. Because one day I will go to put on my shoes and there will be no cherrios there. And a shirt will just be a shirt, with no stains. And my bed will hold no secrets like stuffed dogs, or little blankets, or some random object left by some tinny mischievous hand. And I will yearn for these days, when I am hugged and loved, and looked up to. Oh how I will yearn for my life, this day, this moment as I hear a cry down the hall “mama, mama, mama”….

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