Typical morning

Lots of things have happened….

I went to the mall. I bought a Winnie the pooh costume that is too big for Sebastian because the only one they  had online is probably too small, but if I don’t buy this and the other one doesn’t fit then I got no plan B…and with this family, we need a plan B. C. D. and F. 
Mateusz was a maniac in the mall. He alternated, running, sitting in the stroller and pissing me off. But we are in Public, so I keep it together. 
We went to JCP and I tried on a few dresses, since the one I bought  from the Gap is going back and I want something nice for Church and for the Holidays. While trying it on the kids started freaking out…big surprise there. I had to try stuff on with the dressing room door open so Sebastian could see me, since the handicap room that is bigger was taken. I know that because I opened the door and saw a little old lady changing–embarrassing. Please lock doors to dressing rooms in future. 
By the way, this whole time I needed to pee. BUt I didn’t know where the bathroom was and it seemed like too big a hassle with both of them.
Found size of dress I wanted but couldn’t make up my mind on color- red or green? Called mom. She told me this long story about how dad is mad at her because she blew the tire. An epic saga about how it happened, how she feels about what happened, how dad took the news, and what she plans to do about it ….. Green? Or red? 
She told me to get the green dress and I agreed. 
I still had to pee. 
I bought dress. Went to the car and got screaming Sebastian into the car. The bags, everything loaded. I put Mateusz in the car had him buckled and suddenly asked “where are your shoes???” He had them on in the mall because he was up and down…Shit. Shit. Shit. He just looks at me blankly. Sebastian is still screaming….
$50 Dollar shoes. I yell at Mateusz. He is crying. They both are crying. 
Get Mateusz back in the double stroller. Get Sebastian into the Ergo and run back to the store. Mateusz keeps saying “sorry mummy. Sorry mummy” I am trying to comfort him, teach him a valuble lesson I have still not mastered about keeping track of your things, and remember where I had been…This section, and this section. Finally it clicks! THe dressing room!! I run over there. And boom! There are the shoes!!! Disaster skirted! Damn Stride Rite shoes, you are so over priced, but I love my kid, and his cute big feet, so we need to spend tons of money on the shoes he wears for three months if we are lucky and he, or his mama don’t lose them first. $50 fucking dollar shoes are placed back in the stroller. Sebastian is calming down with all the jostling, and looks sleepy. I have a feeling we won’t make it home before nap time. That means we will miss lunch, and the gold fish the kids were snacking on while I was in the dressing room will be the only meal they have before. Why can’t I be one of those moms that are prepared….
Run back into the car. I still have to Pee. 
Get in car. Talk to my mama and firm up plans for the weekend. Both boys fall asleep the last five minutes of car ride home.  
Once home Mateusz and Sebastian wake up at the same time. I have to hurry to get Mateusz to sleep before he wakes wakes up and then won’t nap. BUt sebastian is so sad. And even if Mateusz does get to sleep, I have to carry screaming Sebastian upstairs to nurse…which one to choose? Mateusz. I grab his bear and carry both. I lay him down and he says Giraffe…crap, he is still in the car. Do I just put him to sleep and forget Giraffee…but what if he won’t sleep without him? What if he falls asleep while I am getting him and I wake him up giving it to him?? Shit. 
Sebastian is still screaming. I get him and giraffe. I throw giraffe in at Mateusz, who is sleeping…but sits up just as I am closing his bedroom door. 
I sit down to nurse Sebastian. 
I still have to pee. 
Nursing Sebastian I try to take a moment to appreciate how beautiful he is, but I also need to call a few places for an event this weekend, and Mateusz has a diaper rash that still is causing him pain, and man, I am hungry. And I still need to pee. 
Sebastian asleep. Lay him down. I hear Mateusz stir. 
I run to the bathroom. 
Go down stairs make my phone calls. And start thinking about lunch.
Start netflix. Get bread out for a pb and J sandwich.
Mateusz wakes up and is calling for me. Fuck. It has only been 15 minutes since he went down. Bad afternoon is coming. 
I go to him. I ask him if he has pooped. He says yes.  I put him on the changing table knowing full well this will wake him up, and there is only a small chance that he actually pooped, but if I don’t change him and he has pooped or is close to peeing through I will be even more upset with myself. There is no poop. I attempt to explain to him about lying and telling the truth. He rubs his eyes and yawns….
I tuck him back into bed. And go downstairs. I play netflix. 5 seconds in…
“mommy…hurry. Stuck. Help. In house, stuck. Help mommy. Twinkle Twinkle Twinkle star. Help mommy.” All in this really cute voice right at his bedroom door behind his gate. He is awake. I am hungry and would love to chill for a moment, but I don’t see that happening. 
Just another day in paradise  :-))))
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