Christ is My Problem with Christianity…

I have found out my real problem with Christianity. I think I could believe in God. I think I could worship in a church. I think I might enjoy the odd sermon here and there. No, my real problem with Christianity is Christ. If Christianity could just have left it with the God, and not make a big production about Jesus, and the holy ghost- like where did that part of the trinidad come in? I think could say I am a Christian…well, that I believe in God. A Protestant God. With no Saints, and apparently, no Jesus. 

I don’t have any problems with Jesus. I can respect that he is the Son of God, but he just isn’t God for me. Whenever I hear people saying Jesus’s name when I feel like they should say God I feel like it gets into the cheesy realm. Jesus is awesome. Jesus taught me so many things, and I can understand the power of God’s love that he gave his only son- especially after being a mother myself. But I am not sure I want to praise Jesus. I want to praise God. 

My husband said that maybe I should be Jewish…but the problem with that is that I was born Christian. You have to be chosen to be Jewish and I never was picked to play for them. My choses as a Christian when it comes to God is to either believe in Christ or be an Atheist, or say I believe in Mother Nature. I am lost when it comes to my Christian faith. How can I believe and worship a my “Christian” God, without the whole Christ part??? 

Anyone else ever feel this way??

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